cake 'n' fruit cups


1   container (8 ounces) vanilla yogurt
1/2  cup bottled lemon curd
1   cup blackberries
1   cup raspberries
1   cup blueberries
1   cup strawberries
1   pound cake (10.75 ounces), thawed
1/4  cup blackberry, blueberry, raspberry or strawberry jam


1. Beat yogurt and curd in small bowl until well blended. Cover; chill.
2. Mix berries in bowl.
3. Place cake on side; slice lengthwise in four 1/4-inch-thick slices; save remaining for snacking. Spread each slice with 1 tablespoon jam. Place, jam side up, on baking sheet. Cover lightly; refrigerate.
4. To serve, cut each jam-covered slice crosswise into seven 1-inch-wide strips (28 total). Arrange 7 strips, jam side up, in each of 4 cocktail glasses. Spoon 1 cup berries in each. Drizzle each with 1/3 cup yogurt sauce.

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