fire truck cake


3   pound cakes (about 8x4x3 inches) 
Chocolate sandwich cookies 
Striped peppermint candies  
Pretzel logs 
Black string licorice 
Hard candies
Bugle snacks


1. Prepare or purchase 3 pound cakes (about 8x4x3 inches). Trim ends and top to make straight edges. Stack two of the cakes, with frosting between, for back of truck. For cab, cut off one-third of the other cake. Use frosting to attach in an L shape and to attach to back of truck. Frost.
2. To decorate, use chocolate sandwich cookies for tires and striped peppermint candies for hubcaps. Use pretzel logs to make ladder and black string licorice for fire hoses. Place rectangular-shaped hard candies and bugle snacks on top for horns and lights. Makes 8 servings.
3. You will need an adult helper.

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